Reenchant Your World
Have you lost your spark and struggling to find the motivation to get it back?
Have you lost the sense that the world is magical? 
Do you see posts on social media of people baking bread, getting creative or working on themselves and then see a quote telling you to "think positively" and start to feel an internal scream silently begin inside you? 

Do you then feel guilt and shame because you shouldn't feel like this? 
You might feel like you are roller coasting through anxiety, grief, and stress. 
Brief moments of joy, or gratitude can give you some hope and relief - but are often short lived. 

It would be ideal to process these feelings on a tropical island or a cabin in the woods. 
The reality is that you are dealing with this plus trying to earn an income, look after others, be healthy, experience life events from afar, and try not to catch or spread corona. 
In addition.. everyone else is going through the same thing! 
Making it hard to lean on each other.
I see you
lauren evans

Hi, I'm Lauren!

I am a person who lives and breathes mindset work.

Who professionally coaches people to step into their power.

Yet, I still have found myself fall into old depressive habits which I haven't seen in years. 

I know what it's like when the 'usual' tools feel like you are trying to slay a monster with fairy floss and you simply don't have the time or energy to find new ones. 

This is why I have created 'Re-enchant Your World' A program designed for those who are low on time & energy but ready to reignite their spark and see magic again.

In this self-paced 1 week program, designed to fit into your life, you will be able to:

▷▶ Easily and quickly carve out a slice of calm, serene mental clarity whenever you need
▷▶Feel empowered and in control of the things which keep you up at night
▷▶ Release the guilt and shame around negative thinking
▷▶ Become re-enchanted with the magic around you and within


You will receive:

Access when it suits you.
All content will be available for 4 weeks after the one week program ends.

▷ 4 videos with the program content
Delivering high value experiences in minimal time

▷ 4 achievable action activities you will be able to do with minimal effort
Embed learning and change thinking patterns in practical short activities

▷ A private Facebook community
You will be able to ask me questions and gain support from other program members

We begin Sunday 23rd August!