Harness your empathic powers & unleash your inner badass.

It's time to rise up and claim the meaningful career & life you deserve.

 The ability to tap into the feelings of others, absorb emotions, and know what is not being said is a superpower.

You were not given this ability to be a wallflower or a doormat.

You are here to challenge the world and make it a better place.

To lead, heal, and create.

The world needs you, badass.

The simmering intuitive force of empathic women has been often misunderstood, mocked, or dismissed.

We are the women who have been told we are too emotional, too little, too loud, too quiet, too passionate, too... [everything]

We have been told that it's not okay to be who we are.

So we pack away our true selves, our inner badass. That seems to work for a while.

But then you notice that life seems to be running ahead without you, leaving you feeling lonely and discontent.

Now is the time to change the course.

Now is the time to rise up.

...drum roll!....


4 week group program 

 ▷▶ Harness your empathic abilities and turn them into a superpower

 ▷▶ Unleash your inner badass - enabling you to get the job, start the business or discover your purpose

▷▶ Break free from the BS baggage others have placed on you so that you are able to confidently shine in your unique abilities

▷▶ Be inspired to connect more authentically and claim the meaningful life you deserve

I know what it is like to bottle up who you are and hide the powerful part of yourself which is screaming to be unleashed.

I know the feeling when your energy is constantly being drained by others. To feel like you don't quite fit in, that you're just a "bit much" or "too sensitive."

When you're busy bottling up who you are, you don't have a lot of energy to give to the pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling life.

When I recognised my intuitive ability as a strength, as something that could be understood, managed and harnessed - everything changed.

The external bullshit was removed and I was able to show up in this world as me, as badass me.

I stopped being the invisible girl at the back, started to believe in my capabilities and was able to do things I had never thought possible.

The more I stepped into my power, the easier it became, and the more opportunities seemed to gravitate to me.

​In POWERFUL BADASS you will learn the process of unleashing your inner badass and how to harness your empathic abilities.

You, dear badass, are being called to rise up and claim the meaningful life success you deserve.



 ▷▶ We start on Saturday August 22nd

     ▷▶ Your program will take place in a private Facebook community where you'll be able to ask questions and get support from me and the other group members

    ▷▶ You'll receive 4 weekly live training sessions 

    ▷▶ You'll have access to all of the live recordings and activities plus group support until September 29th