Core Values Card Deck

$34.99 $55

We are constantly being pulled from who we really are.

Knowing the underlying core beliefs which drive your behaviour is crucial for understanding your inner badass self.

This ©Lauren Evans designed activity is an easy and aesthetically engaging way for you to do your own soul searching in a structured no fail way.

Your new custom card deck has over 100 values, each printed on a beautiful pattern and 3D embossed text. Simply follow the steps included : Go through the values putting aside as many cards as you feel like. Then ask 3 questions (included) of each of the values. Until your are left with your top 2-3 values!

Find your own values and compare with the important people in your life. The beautiful design of the cards means you can display your important values on your vision board, journal, scrapbook, desk, back of phone or anywhere you would like to be reminded about who you are to the core ❤

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